A big CNC router

@DomAman and I talked a bit about a big CNC machine that could be built as a project. I just start this so we can document what we find.

I found this:

It’s a clever design, though I think for the same amount or a little more we could build a machine with better properties. Linear rails, some steel box section and some leadscrews will result in a much stiffer, faster machine.

I’ll link here to some places I have used in the past to purchase CNC/machine supplies:

We would probably want minimum 16mm supported linear rails. If we want to organise a trip to my workshop to see my CNC Mill (which I use mainly for aluminium) we can possibly do this.

Do we want to get in some CNC kits with drivers, stepper motors etc… to try out some different formats? We can start up the CNC club around this theme.

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