About the Machines and Tools category

Documentation and status of the machines and tools in the makerspace.

Create a topic here if:

  • You want to discuss a machine that is in the makerspace and there is no topic for it.
  • You want to get help with a new machine not listed here.
  • If something breaks and there is no topic for it.

Comment on the existing page of a machine page if:

  • it breaks
  • you have questions about it or something is not clear regarding this machine

When you create a new machine description, mention this:

- Name of the machine
- Pictures of the machine
- Pictures of products made with it
- Where the tool is located
- Where to find documentation
- Who is responsible to maintain it and to speak to if it breaks
- A checklist to go though when there is an induction going on.
- Where all the different parts are.
- Age limit and similar limits to using it.
- Who can give an induction
- Who was inducted.
- make the post a wiki post so that others can add information