Barbie/Doll Crafting

This is a crafting day, just making Barbie and doll clothes the whole time!
You can come later and leave earlier.

What we can make together:

  • Dresses, Skirts, Trousers, Nickers and Tops - out of fabric
  • Shoes and Hats with glue
  • Hair Bands, Bikinis and Underwear from balloons

What you can bring:

  • your dolls and Barbies
  • your ideas & skills!
  • balloons
  • your own sewing equipment - we have some. With yours, it might be easier to continue at home for you.
  • broken/worn out trousers, socks and shirts
  • anything possibly useful

Here is a video of 5 minute crafts as inspiration:

Adult Stuff

Please accompany children below 10 years of age.

If you can, please sign up on the forum and let us know that you come or if you have any questions:
Doing this is based on gift economy and you are free to give what you can bring - so it is inclusive regardless of your monetary situation.
If you have any questions, please contact us!

Finding a Date

This is always possible but usually you will find others doing this on Sunday.

When would it suit you? Please comment!

List of what we want/can use

  • Hot Glue Gun (MakerSpace)
  • Scissors (MakerSpace)
  • Sewing Needles (Nicco)
  • Cloth (Nicco)
  • Strings (Nicco)
  • Balloons




  • 3£ glittering hot glue for clothes and shoes - @niccokunzmann
  • 6£ sewing needles set


  • We have a sewing machine in the makerspace that needs being seen and set up again. If you have time to have a look at it, this would be welcome! It is in the store room at the moment.

This is a wiki post so you can edit it. If you have suggestions or like to come, please comment!

Here are some results from the last weeks:

A bed for the Barbies:

An island with gras and a fountain in the middle. It glitters.