Camera Stream to the Big Screen in the Clean Room

I attached a Raspberry Pi to the back of the big screen, so we can walk around with a phone and bring that image onto the screen.


Using the screen

On the screen and remote control:

  1. Turn on the big screen
  2. If you do not see the Raspberry Pi starting and printing a welcome message then
    1. Click SOURCE
    2. Choose HDMI1 on the screen.

On your laptop or smartphone:

  1. Go to UV4L WebRTC
  2. select a source
  3. Click image
  4. The browser should ask you for permission for the site to access the device. Allow them!
  5. See the live stream.
  6. When stop, press image or lese nobody else can use it and they need to restart the stream.


I followed this tutorial:
And this is important: