CAMM2 PMC2300 Engraver

I’ve attempted to test out the CAMM2 Engraver, and am writing up the results as I go.

  1. You can find the Manual Here and the Manufacturer here.

  2. The power on works, and manual moving the cutter works as expected.

  3. You can run the “Demo” program by:
    a. Turning the machine off
    b. Hold the Up Arrow
    c. Turn the machine on
    d. Press Enter.

Based on the advice on the Rowland support, they suggest we can try installing the SV-15 Driver, which does have windows 10 support, following the how to guide here

Went through the settings on the machine, and set it to 9600 BAUD.

Tried the universal GCODE program, to see if I could get any connection, but no luck there.

In the meantime, a forum post suggested Cut2D as a way to communicate, when looking at the trial version, I saw no settings for this machine, but did see settings for the EDX-300, which we also have on the shelf. Next time I will try the same process with the EDX which I think is a more modern machine, and see where we get.

Next challenges: Connecting to the machine from Windows 10. The machine is old, and has no driver for Windows 7 or above. So, thar be dragons.

I have almost no experience here, so any further suggestions would be great.


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I’ll do some hunting for software :+1:

We also used the same serial2usb converter that we use for the Vinyl cutters: CAMM-1 Roland PNC 1000A, PNC 960, PC-50. Since they also do not work with the vinyl cutters, I wonder if we need other USB2Serial converters. Also, it might be worth checking the expectations of the pins of the serial port if there is one standard or more. I want to go to the Swansea Hackspace today and see if we can do something with them and might know more about the USB2Serial adapters, then.