[CANCELLED] Makerspace Building Day 29/11/22

An open session: Want to help improve the space? Put those old skills to use or try something new?

An opportunity to learn new things and get to know new people. Come down and say hello, see what we get up to!

Things we are hoping to do (please add your ideas):

  • ??

@DomAman @zzoeross @Davidj @EDO
Is anyone in?

@sylvia.hafan is not coming.

Would it be worth cancelling it?

I cancelled the event in case people expect us to be there. If you are there, we can change it back.

I was still testing positive yesterday, I am not optimistic.

If no-one else will be in, I will put a ‘plague’ sign on the door and get on with some solo stuff probably.

I will not come so yep. Have fun!

I was a bit stressed in the morning but now, I am better again and the fog has lifted so I have Internet :slight_smile:

I hope you have a good day Dom!
I guess everyone else is curious, too about the Monday visit.

I went to the Swansea Hackspace yesterday and took our Vinyl cutters: CAMM-1 Roland PNC 1000A, PNC 960, PC-50 with me. I apoligise for taking them out of control AND leaving them there without having spoken about that again.

I worked with Melissa on them. We could not do it with their computer but Melissa intends take a look at them on Monday 5/12/22 with her own laptop. It might be worth either setting up an old windows computer and get the software - maybe those laptops or computers where the Raspberry stuff is in the Community Centre are an option as they seem to have the old Serial port on them.

I will bring them back as soon as I visit there again - might be 10/12.
Or maybe someone wants to visit the [EXTERNAL] Lockpicking Workshop 17/12/22 ?

We found out: One of them is a printer and maybe a printer/cutter. I am unsure if the printing unit is damaged though as there is a loose cable that would normally be hidden in other electronic equipment.

Another thought was to build an Arduino shield that controls the machines. I have no idea but they should exist.

Might it be possible to set up a virtual machine running an older OS to run them? Saves having a ‘special’ computer.

I do have an arduino shield for a CNC, but I am not sure whether it will be of any use for this. I’ll try and remember to bring it in for you to evaluate.

If one is a printer, does that mean we have an A3 printer?

No complaints from me, glad you took them!

A virtual machine might work. I wonder more about the hardware side of it: how do we connect the cables to the virtual machine? If we are lucky, it works with the USB2Serial adapter.

Arduinos are here a lot. I do not know much about an open-source vinyl cutting hardware.
Kirstin and I were partly developing with All Yarns Are Beautiful before. A hack for different knitting machines. http://all-yarns-are-beautiful.readthedocs.io/

The Printer/Cutter might work as an A2-A1 printer even. I just do not know who can get it to work given that we do not know how to move it or what is maybe missing.

Glad to hear it was alright. The more they and we circulate, the higher the likelyhood that they will work one day. That is how I think about them.

I suppose if the virtual machine has proper access to the USBs then it depends how it reads the serial port converter. That’s beyond me though, would just have to plug it in and see!