[CANCELLED] Making Wales Weekend

From 20. May to 10. June, I have time to work in the makerspace. So, I was thinking, it would be nice to do a networking event there. People can come, stay over, I have time before and after to help. That needs a bit of organisation but it makes the space known and connected. The right thing we want! Influx of creativity and culture! Let’s speak about it!
Maybe something like a Fr-Su Hackathon/Bar Camp. A few tracks, introductions to machines, talks, workshops, food, … .

Talked to @RobV

  • first poster and job list, call for volunteers
  • campers might stay
  • create job list
    • food


  • check UnEarthed Festival
  • check horticulture event with Chris - not colliding
  • remind Phil about Pyrography
  • list of what we can use/ want to use
  • which rooms to use


  • fix weekend
  • Create Call for Participation CfP


  • kids day

I set the date to 2nd June - 4th June. We can organise from there. @DomAman, can you reserve the time so people from the council do not book in?

I created a website for the event so people can book it.



  • create poster with Call for Participation!
  • get feedback of one other person about the description of the event
  • Can we use Stripe and/or PayPal for Payment? @DomAman @RobV @zzoeross
  • where will people park?


  • what are reasonable prizes?
  • which kinds of discount codes would we like to hand out?
    • those for the workshop holders
    • other groups - just contact me!
    • council
    • hackspaces
    • basically everywhere we advertise

I have been up at the council, talking to Marissa. This is what I found out:

  • we want to cover the costs
  • we can invite the other artists and possibly they can use it to promote themselves and book the workshop room up at the
    • for that, I would like to have a way to pay for attending the workshop from the budget that we get as an income
  • hire of the youth centre hall is 10GPB/hour. Hire is included in the prize for the evening and morning if beds are being used.


  • use the booking form
  • make a deposit for using the community centre - first deposit, first served algorithm
  • if we want workshops to be included in the program in the community centre - the traditional ones, then we should make sure Start of April because it is about 2 months ahead that these workshops will be booked in
  • notify wood carving people (Friday @niccokunzmann)
  • notify Joe, the potter

If we do not make a deposit, we have a bit more uncertainty to go ahead with the event. People will probably only book just shortly before that. We should make an early bird ticket to plan ahead a bit.

  • approach local laser cutting business
  • approach local plasma cutting business
  • make a plan for costs

Change of Course

I might offer some workshops during these days. I am calling it off. I might receive some support to advertise these workshops, maybe.


The space is not yet ready - and I do not mean the physical one. Problems like the urgency to act and bring projects forward, no cooperation on coordination through the forum.
I would need support but voluntary. It seems always a bit an uphill battle to get coordination done in the space. Example: I am bad at funding. I need help advertising. I do not see that I will get enough support for that in the little time that I have to make it happen, looking at the data of the past. An uncontested idea circulates that the space is not ready to grow in people numbers e.g. if it frustrates those in it still. So, this and the issues from the Volunteer Meeting 12/2/23 12:00 have priority to work on as they limit my power to make this happen so I enjoy doing it.
Looking at how much I got done and how much will there be to do, I can not make this happen as a single volunteer that I am.

This is something that I want, not what we want - so why make it happen? Many people approve but that does not mean that energy flows.

Way Forward

Work on the social structure, cohesion and empowerment in the space. When the cumulative power passes a threshold, the event will make itself happen if it still wants to.