Christmas Activities and the Cwmaman Christmas Fayre

Hello all, the Christmas Fayre is at the Com Centre 20th Nov for the lights switch on. 1500-1800.

We have two tables to fill.

We are ideally looking to have one table with stuff we do/stuff we can sell

The other table as a Children’s activity

If anyone is willing to help out, we need:

  • Ideas for saleable items we can produce in advance
  • Activities for the kids
  • Some examples of the activity to inspire people
  • A couple of extra bods to help out so I’m not setting up, displaying and packing away solo

One idea: I’d get quite handy on the lathe quite quickly churning these out!

Is there a link to the event on another website? Where is it happening? Is it really in November?

No, Com Centre and yep, really in November! Happening to coincide with the Christmas light switch-on.

Im guessing it will only be Glanamman (Cwmamman) square having the christmas lights on, Im wondering if possible we can have some lights on at the signal box too ready for christmas maybe some outside lights etc

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We can re-use the Halloween Activity material for Christmas. So the DIY table is covered.
We still need stuff to sell.


  • pack what is on the paper list
  • pack some chutney
  • piece of paper for contact details → Forum
  • first aid kit
  • table covering @zzoeross


  • make stuff so sell
  • advertise posters - DIY on poster
  • invite home-schoolers