Christmas lights at Glanamman signal box

Hi all Christmas is just around the corner and with the Christmas lights turn on at Cwmamman square it would be nice if we can get the signal box at Glanamman lit up to join in with the Christmas lights.

I have done a small bit of work on the signal box adding some solar Christmas lights (fence lights) but do the same job but not as bright.

I was talking to Dominic about getting the Christmas lights set up using the power system, currently the signal box has full working electric lights and heating, I was given an idea from Dominic to see if we can set up at battery system on a timer to run the Christmas lights instead of running it from mains electricity.

Hopefully will try and get this set up for the first week in December. What are your thoughts, I have also uploaded a pic of what lights look like so far

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I think it will be well visible when the night has come. A timer is nice. Who has one?

Would it be possible to bend a bit of wire and turn this into the shape of a train? That was my first thought.

I have a timer that connects to a plug but not sure about that. Yeah I think a bit of wire shaped into a train would be great.

I have asked my partner about the solar lights and I can get some more ones for the window and some for outside. The battery lights I have has got a timer in it.

Could see if we can set it up on that,

I hope to be around next week and will pop down to see if we can sort this out