Clear process for advertising events

In order to advertise projects across the different networks (digital, material) I would like to propose a clear process to standardize it, make it flow, easy, fast, accessible equally and also possible for everyone to chip in!

How to Advertise

  1. Create a topic on this forum with
    • A picture
    • A title
    • An event time selected from below the menu + optionally RSVP
    • The first paragraph of max 500 characters containing a short description
    • The event description should contain:
      • the purpose of the event
      • what happens
      • who it is for (target audience)
      • which skills/material to bring
      • which skills to learn
  2. Generate a poster with the Poster Generator
    When ready to advertise, please post a link below with the text:
    @DomAman @niccokunzmann, please advertise this event:


In this section, I would like a list of who can access which website/group/… and in bold, who is responsible for posting there.

Name Also Access Link Needs Poster Needs Text Needs Link to Forum Min. Time Before
@DomAman @RobV? Amman Valley MakerSpace 3days
@DomAman @RobV? Facebook page 2 (TODO) 3days
@niccokuzmann @DomAman 3days
@niccokuzmann What’s on in West Wales Telegram group 3days
@niccokuzmann Jill from the Llandovery Youth and Community Centre 3days
@DomAman @niccokunzmann Printing the Posters 3days


There will be a pile of posters. We can print them from the A4 printer in the makerspace. Please add your name and how many posters you take to hang up and where.

Name Count+Size Locations Min. Time Before Event
@niccokunzmann 3xA5 Llandeilo, Tipi Valley, Ammanford Campus 2 week
@DomAman 3xA4 centre, resource centre, community 2 week
@zzoeross 1xA5 1xA4 penyagroes 2 week
@Davidj ? TODO 2 week
@sylvia.hafan 0 2 week
@trainmman ? TODO 2 weeks
@RobV ? TODO 2 week
TODO 1 Community Centre 2 week

If you are unsure about the place, please write it down here: Possible Places to advertise events and the makerspace


  • Unified Poster process/ Template
  • Place for the poster pile

What to do to make it not Work In Progress

  • Remove TODO from facebook

What to do to improve it

  • remove all TODOs
  • @niccokunzmann ask people how many posters they can distribute
    Please add platforms, your name, … please take responsibility to help everyone out who does not have the social media reach.
  • Clarity: What is with running groups?

This is a really good summary, I will fill in the bits I can!

I attach here a map to the Makerspace for those that want to use it.

I also have a template for posters that will help ensure details don’t get missed. I have not worked out how to attach it here yet.

With regards to running groups, what is your question? We’ll promote and schedule them the same way as courses. Book the room, schedule the event on the forum and we’ll promote it.

Hi, you can change the settings for the allowable file types:

Please add .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .svg and maybe some for 3d stuff
like .stl

That answers my question!

Concerning the map: Posting this here without the required license is a copy right infringement. A deed like this cost my parents money. I commented it out for the moment. Distribution on a poster is problematic, too.
Related: There is a map here: Official Communication Channels - I did add the copy right just now. OpenStreetMap’s license is known to me and well documented.

@DomAman @niccokunzmann, please advertise this event:

Introduction to Electrics, Electronics and Soldering.pdf (1.6 MB)

  • facebook
  • print
  • pixelfed
  • telegram west wales

I have another for the Sunday microcontroller group:

Electronics-and-Soldering-Group.pdf (348.0 KB)

But it is missing the logos because my Internet connection… I will make another one.

  • facebook
  • print
  • pixelfed
  • telegram west wales

Hello, I talked to Fred and he likes the poster.

@DomAman: Please print this PDF several times so that Fred and you can take it to Shadows! I would like some, too because I want to hang it up!

Men2Men - MakerDifference.pdf (1.7 MB)

  • facebook
  • print - more A4 @DomAman or anyone else at the office.
  • pixelfed
  • telegram west wales

See also: Poster 2023 men2men - MakerDifference

I made a poster for the Repair Day.

Regular Repair Day-1.pdf (1.7 MB)

I am wondering: On Facebook, there is a poster already.


@zzoeross there is a second Facebook group and it seems that you have access to it

  • can you post the poster there?
  • can you give me the link to that group or add it to the places above (the table)

TODO for this one:

  • facebook
  • print
  • pixelfed
  • telegram west wales

See also: Poster for the Repair Day