[closed] How to use this Forum to Schedule Events

This forum allows us - at the moment - to schedule events and give them a topic to discuss them.

When you create a new topic, you can see the event button at the top of the post.

You can click this to give the post a time span as an event.

Once you have posted your topic, the times come up in the title for everyone to see. You can decide if people can RSVP (ReSerVe a Place) or download the ICS file to add it to their calendar.

There is a webpage where you can see all the events of the month:

Getting the events to your computer/phone


If you like seeing these events in your calendar, you can choose to subscribe to the following link. This might be an Android Phone-, Thunderbird-, Outlook-, Google-calendar or the like.


Currently, for each event, a topic discussion is necessary. We might be able to change this in the future, see Plugins to install - #4 by niccokunzmann.

See also

I close this topic as this one is much more descriptive: