Coding- can anyone help

Hi folks, I would like to find someone skilled at coding who could teach one to one to a 13 year old quick learner. Has anyone ideas or suggestions please? Many thanks, Emma

Hi, and welcome!
I could help you or start you off. I like teaching and I am quite skilled at programming. I am in Friday and Sunday. You can reach my in different ways, see my profile. We do the Electronics & Micro-Controller Group on Sundays.

Thanks, Nicco! Are you able to travel (we’re in Cardigan) or should we book a slot to have time with you at the Maker Space?

Wow, you are far away! Since you are in a city, it is probably worth founding a CoderDojo where you are and see who comes to it - organise local volunteers. I thought, you might be around the corner! CoderDojo and hour of code have a lot of tutorials.

If you like, I am in the makerspace and you can call me now and I can explain more and hear more from you. Video is also possible via Jitsi or Telegram, see my profile for the number. I will be in on Sunday - a more busy day with others usually coming and working on their projects.

The reason I suggest founding a club as a foundation supported interest group is the additional outreach and help it brings you in the area you live in. I do not really know what your (both) expectations and interests are. Let me know!

You can also visit me at the makerspace, e.g. on Sunday and we can talk how to make it happen. I might be able to travel to you, too. That will likely not happen until March.

Thank you, Nicco!

I am shortly off to Cardiff so I can’t ring just now, however I really appreciate your information and ideas, thank you.

My son would love a one to one if we can arrange it, and when you are not too busy. We can visit you on a less busy day perhaps.

I will look at your email more closely after Cardiff, thank you Nicco!