Creating Miniature Houses for Model Rail Ways from Pictures

@trainmman and I were experimenting with rotoscoping houses and making a lasercutter fit scetch from them.

What we did:

  1. Get a picture of the house
  2. import it into inkscape
  3. Trace each side of the house in a different layer

This way all walls and roofs should be in a different layer and can be cut as different peaces.

Once one side is done, you can use the perspective transform on it.

  1. Trace the rectangular wall starting bottom right, (counter clockwise), top right, top left, bottom left in different color.
  2. Flip that 4-sided polygon left-to-right
  3. Select first the wall parts
  4. Group them (Control+G)
  5. Select the mirrored perspective trace from step 2
  6. Extensions → Modify Path → Perspective

Now, you should have the lasercutter outline warped out of perspective, rectangular, ready to cut.

If you are doing this on a makerspace computer, please save the file to the documents folder so that it gets synchronized between all computers.