Creating new Topics via email

I am trying out a feature for the forum: Creating posts via email. My hope is that this greatly improves the ability to start a discussion from the email client and server of your choice.

If you can see this post, then this means that it worked! The email address to post to the site-feedback category is

Make sure you use the email you use in the forum.

I will see to creating other ones for the other categories.

If posting pictures work, there should be a small picture here:

There should also be second picture that was attached to the email.

And there should be a PDF attached to the post.

Let’s see!


Screenshot_2022-11-23_13-05-47.png (PNG Image, 412 × 32 pixels).pdf (11.8 KB)

I changed the topic settings so that now, you can post to different topics via email. This is described in the topic description.