Electronics&Soldering course - 4/12/22 1300

I am designing a little Soldering/Electrics/Electronics course for total beginners. Please comment if you would like to come, what you are interested in. Which questions do you have? This way, I can tailor the workshop to your needs and we can make it a success.

Topics to cover:

  • Basics of Electrics
    • Volt/Ampere/Watt
    • Plus, Minus, Earth
  • Basics of Electronics
  • Soldering
    • When to solder
    • When not to solder
    • Adding electrical bits
    • Removing electrical bits


  • Soldering
  • Creating a lamp

Additional content to cover:

  • heat shrink tubes
  • using a multimeter

Time: 1h - 1:30h




@zzoeross and @joemiller77 said that they would like to come. Which dates suit you? Please comment below and feel free to add suggestions and questions!

When should we meet?
  • 20th November 11-13
  • 20th November 13-15
  • 4th December 11-13
  • 4th December 13-15

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Introduction to Electrics, Electronics and Soldering.pdf (1.6 MB)