Events visibility

@niccokunzmann I was wondering if there is a way of changing how event titles display on the home page.

As they are currently, the actual title/name of the event is buried after a load of numbers, and ‘London’, which is confusing. Unless we are repairing London, which needs it but is rather beyond our abilities.

If we could have the title followed by just the date it would be much easier to read, more attention grabbing.

If the headline text could be a different colour from other forum posts that would be even better. As events are time sensitive it is important to ensure they get the desired attention!


If you go to admin → settings → plugins → events plugin settings → …

Look now - we only use one time zone here. It is a local forum. I removed their display and put the date behind the label.

Took me 5 minutes and you can experiment if you like. We can always reset the settings.

Which date format do you like? I like 1st Dec. most.


That is BRILLIANT Nicco!!!

It looks much, much tidier this way. I agree, Xth, Month, Year is much more readable.

Thank you very much.

The whole-day events still look a bit broken:

I think they look ok, but maybe just put in whole days rather 2 character abbreviations. 3 Character abbreviations are much more common so having only two is a bit uncomfortable?