Forum Maintenance Times - Forum Down?

I talked to @DomAman and sometimes the forum is down and only I know why because I do something with it - updates, new features, fixes, … . Here, I will document before or after if the forum is down for maintenance. (I can not always do it in the night at 3am).

If you are interested in knowing:

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Also interesting to look at:


  • 3/11/22 18:00 - 4/11/22 10:37
    • the forum was restarted
    • the hostname expired (monthly event)

Hi Nicco, is it possible to schedule changes so that they update overnight? Obviously you don’t want to do the stuff manually at 3am, but can they not be pre-charged and automatically changed?

Alternatively, is it possible to have a maintenance page instead of error 502/404 etc…? Ideally with an estimated time of completion. It’ll be more clear what is going on to users and reassure them that it is being maintained rather than annoying it isn’t working!

Hi, I can schedule updates for the night time. The maintenance page is a good idea.

The forum was down on Thu 24- Fr25/11/22 because someone unplugged it.

Today, I will maybe do a rebuild of the forum in order to put the nginx-proxy-manager in front of it for Sharing Services inside the MakerSpace.
Use Nginx Proxy Manager to manage multiple sites with Discourse - sysadmin - Discourse Meta

The forum is going down now to reconfigure the routing to services.

The forum is rebuilt. I hope everything works well now. We use the nginx proxy manager for HTTPS support and we can run several services inside of the makerspace.

If the camera person likes to have encrypted traffic, I can offer that.

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The forum was down for 4 hours for some reason I do not know. I rebuild it and it works again.

The forum is going down now as I copy the SD card so we can restore the backup in case of loss or damage fast.