Gift Economy - How To & Invitation

I would like to give a little intro into gift-economy thought and action. I would like to see gift economy as the base for my economic interactions. I link this topic in the description of my courses so you can read up on the why and how.

How To - Costs of Courses and Mentoring

If I am helping you learn or get a project done, please think of my contribution as a gift to you. You have gifts to bring here, too!

If you like to give to me in terms of money, think of two amounts:

  • What you can give (This might be what is in your pocket.)
  • What you want to give (This might be 500 pounds so I can have food and transport for a month.)

Please give me the lower of both so you are happy with what you are giving.

No Fixed Prize?

Yep. You cannot afford to go to events? You can learn with me. You don’t have enough to pay me 50 pounds an hour for high quality IT-consultation? You are not excluded! If you earn a lot and see the purpose in a course where the people matter, not their class, origin or income, then spend your money on me!

If not having a fixed prize stresses you out to the extend that you cannot attend, contact me.

More Purpose for You

I do this to sustain my life. My family does not get any gouvernment benefits, not even our children do. I pay about 50 pounds a week to volunteer at the makerspace. I invite you to help me make this sustainable. I aim at 500 pounds per month.

My Motivation

Do you ask a baby how much it worked before it gets fed? No! How horrible! We know this kind of giving from the heart from before we learned exchange as a way of our culture. I have been to gatherings where hundreds of people get fed from free giving and there is more than plenty! Exchange cancels gratitude. Gratitude is a corner stone of community. Response-ability is another. I respond to your wish for knowledge and skill, you respond to mine written here as an invitation. What does it take to sustain this? How can you respond?

Other than Money?

Yes. Let’s talk about it! Also: Fuel is tight to the dollar and is used for a lot. So, I can not avoid money.


Gift Economy is a means to decouple giving and receiving and and cancels out exchange. It encourages fair distribution, equality and inclusion. It can build trust and requires trust. It fulfils needs such as connection and mattering and is therewith better suited to build a sustainable community than fixed prizes.