Heritage Crafts Association RED LIST Endangered Crafts

Hello all, I was reminded of this the other day.

The Heritage Crafts Association have a list of crafts that are extinct or at risk of going extinct in the UK.

There are several I would like to do, if there is anything that interests you do let me know and we will look at organising things in the New Year!

HCA-Red-List-2021-leaflet-optimised.pdf (874.5 KB)


Engine Turning, Copper and Tin smithing, iron (aluminium) founding, lead working and wheelwrighting… any or all of these would be interesting to me.

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Maille Making, Tin Smithing, Wooden Fishing Nets, Currach Making, Horse collar making, Arrowsmithing, Brass musical instrument making, Horn, antler and bone working, Coppersmithing (objects), Folding knife making, Hazel basket making.