How this Forum is hosted

This is a little overview about how this forum is hosted.


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You can see the discussion on


We host this on a Rock64 2GB RAM board. It is located in the makerspace. Port forwarding is done by the firewall on ports 443 and 80. We use a 128 GB SD card.


Here is how to setup the operating system. I had the best luck with the one with the GUI:

This shows that discourse can be set up for a community on such a small server:


I am happy to add a few names to the list to reduce the bus factor.


Hardware The latest Raspberry Pis are too expensive, 2nd hand and sold out - they seem to be very popular. The Pine phone created a lot of similar hardware, so we got that.
The Raspberry Pi that we had is a Raspberry Pi 2 and as such it can not be used - not enough RAM, also 64 bit seems to be required and is there for the latest Raspberry Pis and of cause the Pine64 board.

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I added a status monitor page to see if the forum is down for everyone:

At the moment, for 2 weeks now, we have problems with the firewall. This is why this forum is not reachable from the outside. @DomAman and I are working on getting it going again.

The forum is working again!

At the monent, two posts are damaged. I am investigating:

Posts affected:

Welcome to Amman Valley MakerSpace! - the welcome post - I made a new one: Welcome to Amman Valley Makerspace! - new

I enabled daily automated backups (3am), instead of every week. They are copied over to the Raspberry PI each day.

scp /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default/* pi@

Update 08.02.23: The Raspberry Pi server is down. Now, the backups are automatically copied over to my laptop using syncthing. However, it might be nice to also sync them to @DomAman. Syncthing is installed and it is better to have multiple backup locations.