How to create Events on the Forum

This post should set you up with how to schedule and discuss events on this forum.

Create a Topic

What you read here is called a topic in the forum. A topic can have several posts in it where people reply and discuss the topic.

To create a topic for your event, you can go to the main overview page:

There you will find a button named +New Topic.

If you click this button, you can see a form coming up. It should look roughly like this:

Now, this form has several parts:

  • title
    title field
    This is a unique title for the forum. No two topics can have the same. In order to create a series of events like Repair Day, add the date to the topic in the form Day/Month like here:
    Makerspace Building Day 15/11/22

  • category
    category field
    In order to discuss the topic among other topics a like, please choose a category that suits your discussion. All groups in the makerspace can receive their own category so that it is easy to find.
    If you are unsure which category to choose, create the topic in the #General category. It can be edited later.

  • tags
    There is a list of tags that you can use. This way similar topics can be found more easily. This is nice in the long term and as a starter, enter what you think applies to you. There are some tags already created. You can but do not need to use them.

  • description
    You can experiment with the description. You can add pictures. Copy right infringements will be removed if found out. So add your own content. An event description includes:

    • target audience
    • the place (e.g. makerspace, wood workshop, clean room, youth center, yard, metal workshop, … )
    • who is responsible
    • how to contact
    • what to bring
    • how to contribute (costs, food, material)
  • Event Date&Time
    add event
    This is what opens if you click Add Event.

    • Make sure to add an end time if you have one.
    • Click RSVP enabled to allow people to sign up through the forum.
    • Click Done to save it. You can still change it later.

    If you do not know when to do one, you can also decide to create a poll and ask people.

Once you have filled in all of these points - or maybe you could not - that is alright! Click one of these:
image image

Done! It is good to let people know very soon what you are planning. It does not have to be perfect but it best if the topic reflects the knowledge that you have at that time.

See Your Event

The topic is visible on the main page now and everyone can have a look and help you make it happen:

Your event also turns up in our calendar:


At the moment, it is not possible to create events. The issue it tracked here: