Listing the repair day

There are these organizations that coordinate and support community repair events:

We can register there for the monthly event. Let’s talk about this and see what we want from that.

I also contacted the repair event in Cwmgors.

I filled in a form at - I will update you on how the application process goes concerning our repair day being listed as a repair cafe.

I received an automated answer. Here are some TODOs:

  • insurance - clarify type and where to get it from
  • PAT testing
    • they might be able to help us with this
    • do we have a PAT testing device? I think so…
  • how to get listed
  • what is required and beneficial to be a member with them and who would be one Membership - Repair Cafe Wales

Hi Nicco

Thanks for your email – we’re really pleased you’re interested in starting a repair café.

In terms of setting up a repair café, we provide all the processes, forms / templates, social media announcements, help with sourcing volunteers and all ongoing advice and support whilst the repair café is running. For the local community, we suggest the following is in place;

  • An ‘owner’ of the repair café (preferably with a couple of other people to help out) who emails the volunteers once a month, turns up on the day and manages donations
  • A venue (we don’t pay for our venues as the repair café events provide the venue with a footfall of people who may not ordinarily attend the venue for any other purpose)
  • A PAT Testing machine and qualified PAT tester volunteer (we can provide advice and help in respect of both the machine and qualification)
  • Insurance (which is often covered by the venue or you can come under our insurance cover)

All of Repair Cafe Wales’ events are focused around 3 values - waste reduction, skill sharing and community cohesion.

You can read more about becoming a Repair Cafe Wales member here.

We hope the above helps and if you would like to progress further with us, you can complete this membership form and we will get our very comprehensive starter kit over to you.


We are now officially listed as a Repair Cafe!

What we should do now:

Beginners Guide to Starting a Repair Cafe RCW.pdf (1.2 MB)
Beginners Guide to starting a repair cafe Welsh.pdf (1.2 MB)