Makerspace Building Day 02/12/22

An open session: Want to help improve the space? Put those old skills to use or try something new?

An opportunity to learn new things and get to know new people. Come down and say hello, see what we get up to!

Things we are hoping to do (please add your ideas):

  • @niccokunzmann: have a call about the new event plugin for the forum - we could become beta testers

We also have the vaccum former tried out and there is a start of a tutorial:

I had a pretty satisfying day. The only machine tool I used was the bandsaw (and four holes with the drill) and it was nice to spend some quality time doing things by hand. To be honest, I think it took as much time as getting out and setting up power tools anyway and it was a lot quieter and cleaner.

I finished the new wood room shelves (these need strapping to the wall permanently). No metal fittings were used in the making of these shelves.

They have now been covered in the gubbins from the road-side wall so I can measure up for and build the mitre saw bench. It was a little depressing but once said bench and storage is in place it can look tidier again.

I added most of the trim for the 3D printer cabinet. Not my finest joinery but it does look closer to finished. I will make the doors next week. Filler and paint makes me the joiner I ain’t.

I also started on an under-lathe storage unit which I hope will contain all the lathe tools and accessories. It was a great excuse to use the plough plane.

It needs a bracer for the shelf and roof, a back rebating in, plus a curtain fitting across the front. Then pull out the paintbrush.

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