Makerspace Building Day 08/11/22

A session open to all who want to help improve the space. A great opportunity to learn new things in a more intimate environment.

Weather regardless:
Make container vents
Put breathing holes in C1
Treat and paint interior C1
Print off copies of posters 3D design, DIY Fridays etc.

Dry day activities:
Measure up Opened Container for modifications:

  • Breathing slats
  • Spacing covers
  • Front wall/door
  • Steps

Scrape Compost bins area
Fix roof panels for steel rack, fit in place

Wet day activities:
Make PPE storage rack (fabric work)
Fit wood vises
Make Children’s saw handles
Sliding hardboard doors on wood table
Tidy stores

At which time would you like to start this? I will probably arrive between 10 and 11. The time in the title looks a bit late.

Good spot! I could have sworn I put in 0900 not 2100.

TODO for me:


In spite of not getting many jobs ticked off the list, we had a productive day.

We met Harri and Matthew, who were great and got stuck straight into the space. They were invaluable with the Yard rejig, Harri got into planing and glued up the support for the tail vice, we talked saw handles and Harri is going to look into designs so we can make some for people with small hands. Matthew was very helpful when the power went out to the middle room!

Outside, we cleared covered workspace to finish the sculpture regardless of weather. We also stacked green timber out of the way, moved the pallets, made space for the compost heaps, and put more steel on the rack off the floor. The Caretakers were very helpful and cut timber and shifted chippings among other things.

@sylvia.hafan cleared out the remaining ripe tomatoes and we talked a bit about the ideal polytunnel workspace. She’s going to sketch out some ideas.

Inside, aside from @niccokunzmann’s activities (already described), I was pleased with the progress on the former for the container vents/wire inlets. We will vacuum form them rather than panel beating. This will be faster, quieter and less work-intensive as well as give us valuable experience on the vac former.

It is probably good then, to link these topics in the pixelfed posts.