Makerspace Building Day 18/11/22

An open session: Want to help improve the space? Put those old skills to use or try something new?

An opportunity to learn new things and get to know new people. Come down and say hello, see what we get up to!

Things we are hoping to do:

Weather regardless:
Make container vents
Distribute posters

Dry day activities:
Fix roof panels for steel rack, fit in place
Put in marks for pile foundations

Wet day activities:
Fit more wood vises
Design Children’s saw handles
Sliding hardboard doors on wood table
Tidy stores
Finish mobile workbenches

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I can be there and I think I will have progressed a bit on the

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@DomAman - the calendar date is off.

Here are some pictures:

we worked on this, too:

There are more wood templates for Christmas decoration