Makerspace Building Day 9/12/22

An open session: Want to help improve the space? Put those old skills to use or try something new?

An opportunity to learn new things and get to know new people. Come down and say hello, see what we get up to!

Things we are hoping to do (please add your ideas):

Finish Mitre saw bench
Finish under-lathe store
Finish trim on 3D printer cabinet
Have a nice cup of tea
Make sawdust, chip, wood scrap storage under workbench
Fit doors on bench
Fit vises
Add skirt around workbench

Bring in larch for bird boxes (to dry for 16th)
Bring in crates and metal drawers to dry (for shelves)

I could not come today as we are recovering from being ill.

Sorry to hear that Nicco, I hope you all feel better soon.

We had a really productive day.

@Davidj fillered the windows in the bathroom, which now look quite tidy.

We were also very happy to see @Lee again and he and Dave made excellent progress on Container 1, cutting holes for vents and fitting the vents. Unfortunately the light was a bit low by the time I went out so no pictures yet. I have started modifying the moulds and will need to put backs on them to keep them rigid enough for riveting into place. Hopefully this will fix our condensation problem.

Lee and I also spent a good bit of time fitting more bench vises and we all played a part in modifying the saw vise to be stiffer. You may also notice the skirt around the bench, which makes it much easier to sweep the floor. Once the doors are added this should make the place much easier to keep tidy.

More of the larch has been moved under cover to dry it out ahead of bird box making with @EDO on the 16th

This evening @JThurgood Came in and helped with this vise jaw, she did very well working oak for the first time and this vise is a very good fit. I couldn’t resist adding beading on the outer edge.