Makerspace Building Day Fri 11/11/22

A session open to all who want to help improve the space. A great opportunity to learn new things in a more intimate environment.

Weather regardless:
Measure up space for outdoor covered area
Make container vents
Put breathing holes in C1
Treat and paint interior C1
Print off copies of posters 3D design, DIY Fridays etc.

Dry day activities:
Measure up Opened Container for modifications:

  • Breathing slats
  • Spacing covers
  • Front wall/door
  • Steps

Fix roof panels for steel rack, fit in place

Wet day activities:
Epoxy signs
Fit wood vises
Design Children’s saw handles
Sliding hardboard doors on wood table
Tidy stores

Hi Dom, how would you like me to respond to this?

Going? :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to add suggestions below and we can work out what we are doing/where we will be.

Is the intention of these posts to show them in the calendar and invite discussions about the day?

Yep, that’s the hope. This way we can avoid the start of day chat while we sort ourselves out or risk being under one another’s feet trying to do different things with the same space.

My motivation for this post: These days are the foundation of what happens at the makerspace. So, I would really like to get the intention and communication clear.

Some people may hear: Not for people who just want to come visit for the first time or do not know how to improve the space. Is this session for an open or closed group?

Is this a session or is this a coordination request or invitation?

I like this one. I understand it. It is a request with a purpose that is agreeable. While this is a negative motivation to avoid, I think we can also clarify the beauty of starting the day together, checking in and making sure everyone is supported.
I read this post as not for a session but as a start for a coordination talk at the space - it cannot replace that, yet. It needs a adaptation period to check that it fulfils its purpose.

What I like about this is that I can set an intention before I come.

On another note: The way I communicated these days they were within the official opening times and open to the public. I think “Building Day” may not capture that. I see two intentions that go along:

  • Volunteer coordination
  • Open Times to the public

Does that match your impression? Did I forget something or wander I go off meaning?

Going on after that: How can we describe this so people looking at the forum calendar get intended impression of what is going on and especially people reading the first paragraph of the event for the first time in the forum know what to do with the post?

What do you think?

PS: I know, I write loads.

The going button does not work. I reported it here:

Issue is resolved. RSVP works by updating.

Thanks for your thoughts, well worth thinking about.

My main aim at the moment is to accelerate the setup of the space. By discussing in advance what we are doing it gives us clarity of purpose going into the day. It doesn’t replace our morning chats but it can focus them on what people require and what they are short on.

It also gives possible visitors an insight into our regular/planned activities. This may bring in people who are interested in particular jobs.

Agreed that it needs to be phrased as a ‘come and join in’ thing. I’ll take good suggestions on how better to phrase it!

I created the Sunday event: Open Day - come along!
I would go about it like this: If the day has a different intention, edit the topic. If you would like to bring something within its intention, answer the post. What do you think?