Makerspace Intercom

I was having a think last night and was going to bring this up when we saw each other again but with COVID that will be a few days!

Given the talking distance/calling distance side of things, should we get some Makerspace Walkie-talkies? These will be useful for children/parents but also for yard machinery operations , times where I ideally need to be in two places at once and activities/visits outside the space.

Within the space, another alternative (which could be a fun and useful electronics project) would be a Makerspace Intercom.

(Star Trek TOS Ship intercom shown)

A simple ‘call’ whistle to call attention over the noise of activities and a simple one/two button interface that anyone can use for voice comms.

Something with this sort of functionality would be very useful in a space like ours anyway. It is tried and tested in Battleships and Starships alike.

It is harder to lose or be forgotten and won’t need charging like a walkie-talkie.

Though a Star Trek Intercom styling isn’t obligatory, it would make me very happy…