Meeting with The Hang Out - 20th September 2022

We met at the 20th of September, 13:00 - 15:00 to talk about how we can get connections, cooperation, actions forward.
This is a protocol of the meeting.

People with “The Hang out”

  • Pat (chair)
  • Sue (Charity, learning and development EXP)
  • Faith (Participant)
  • Ben (running sessions)
  • Jo Goddard - (mindfulness/outdoor education)
  • Lobby & Dog (running sessions)

People from the makerspace


There is cooperation with the project at the Community Center “inside-out”.
Care for children, arts inside, while parents are busy.
Help to self-help → Community links are important!
This way, kids can move confidently around.
About 50 kids.


Improve self-confidence, move them on.
Lot’s of responses.


  • come for time and be dropped model does not work
  • how to long-term engage
  • build up volunteering and peer-learning
  • Family sessions
  • older children: come without parent
  • action therapy allows kids to work though stuckness that spoken therapy does not provide.
  • charities do not do intervention - this is where this kicks in - therefore there might be funding opportunities


Create supportive environment!
System dumps shame on people: “I am not saying it is your fault but it is …” “Should …!”
No need to explain yourself!
shame is heavy reason for the stuckness

I do not want to be strong, I want to be supported.
How much worse does it need to get to get support?

Everyone is different, we do not time-table people.
Suptile line between coaching and therapy

Pad: information needs to be central in the hangout, GDPR - so we can take care.
One might not be the best person to help.


The Hangout, also Charity


  • riverside walk
  • car park
  • bus stop

Outside, you get wet when it rains.


Offering projects without pressure source - open, self-generated results, to build confidence (they might be fearful).

  • Peg Looms to be made.
    With them you can make small sitting cushins.
  • Blocks of wood to build your own projects with.
  • gardening Projects
    • TODO: Poly tunnel, Green house, planting
  • camp fire cooking
    Where is food coming from, overcome fears
  • Horse course (evidence about effectiveness from university)
    Pat offers this and would like to do it mainly.
    can only come from external referral: 10 hours over 5 days, 1000pounds per person
    intense: 2 hours per day
    rated externally, when leaving, later, see what remains - 84% hold progress
  • woodland course
    lower level intervention, people who contact are without support
    future: needs self referral (cannot do star chart)
    TODO @Pad: NHS well being self evaluation - Needed for other funding.


Is there, there are opportunities.

We need to know that we keep it going!
We need to know that we have the infrastructure!
We can not drop things because that is disrupting.

Use a more therapeutic model

  • parent support
  • add therapist
  • add different avenues, 6-8 months, an other exit strategy
    • volunteer here or elsewhere

Long term: Getting people out, effectiveness instead of efficiency.
Lovely time vs. self-help skills (latter here)

Funding requires paper work.
After documentation is done, after a time, there is enough data to get big funding.
Self-surveys are powerful on the person, too.


What is nice:
Volunteering, learning, redo sessions.
Time away from own children/family while contributing to other families.

  • Women’s Shed / Men’s Shed
  • Men2Men - richard and @DomAman
  • makerspace - @DomAman, @niccokunzmann
  • Garnent Family Center - richard
  • Swansea Autistic Movement - richard - Anthony
  • Mind for Children -
  • Pat: Perma Culture Youtuber

What can we offer - where are we strong


  • session leaders
  • adult support

What we have:

  • woodland
  • Jo Godard
    • Managing the calendar: who can do what until Christmas.
    • 4 volunteers
    • Friday event
    • Request:
      • Pat mentor Jo for how to be there
      • Georgy - share sessions with Jo
    • Jo can be session leader and session support
      • “cooking” by Charidy (Heritage Center)
      • “play” by Shaun (art, too)
    • ideas: painting, gardening, …
  • Ben: Stay all day and give two sessions
    • Pad might look at funding
  • Lobby - teenager
    Georgy: toddler, special needs
    Offers: sessions in woodlands
  • Sue Jane

What we can have:

  • gardening
  • volunteering
  • MakerSpace:
    • build things, as @DomAman
    • run things in the makerspace
  • Jo:
    • Daurn - huge potential in this person
    • mindfulness day
    • help with funding bits
  • Sue: qualified coach
    • support family reframed as coaching
    • idea by Jo: Drop in!
    • idea by Pat: Shadows, Luise, Sue: advertise coaching
    • support voluteers
    • gather partners
    • funding
    • marketing coordination, Pad coordinates ideas
    • administration
  • @niccokunzmann
    • website
    • documentation/protocol
    • digital communication


  • Georgy builds up a space - in/before planning



  • vision, mission, structure - Ben requests
  • Administration support for Pad!
  • Jo: Cheridy should get in touch with Pad
  • calendar from October on
  • smaller grant for sessions that are running
  • bigger grant for bigger picture
  • Tool restauration: Lobby - coordinate with makerspace, @DomAman, @niccokunzmann
  • @DomAman - community products
  • Charities can put money into sessions for Kirstin Heidler