Men2Men Edgework workshop

Welcome to all our new members who came to the M2M Edgework day!

I had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to working with you on future events.

This forum is a great place for you to interact with the various groups that use the space, ask questions and find out about the facilities in the space.

I made a little time today to finish the sharpening of the demonstration saw. I still need to re-set the teeth but you can see in these pictures the difference between sharpened and unsharpened crosscut teeth.

For those interested in the kit I used:

Files, wetstone, marking blue: Model Engineering and engineering tools online from RDG Tools Ltd Home Page (Engineering Tools) Tel 01422 885069 /884605
(the files are 6" 3-square second and fine cut). I recommend RDG for any small-mid scale engineering tool needs. Very helpful chaps.

I have had a number of antique/used tools from Bristol Design A lovely fellow who sadly only sells in person.

If anyone comes across job lots of old hand tools for sale locally let me know, we can restore them together and I am always interested in buying interesting pieces!

This is the post that mentions the day: ammanvms shared a post