Official Communication Channels

Here is a list of the official communication channels for the Amman Valley MakerSpace:

Type Details Notes
Website: This shows more contact information.
Mail: Anything you send to this mail an be received on the makerspace computers. If you create an account for the makerspace, use this so everyone can access it.
Phone: TODO
Address: Youth Resource Center/MakerSpace,
Station Road,
SA18 1LQ
Wales, UK
Please do not send parcels here because nobody might be there to receive them. They can be sent to the Community Center or your home address instead.
Forum: The online forum to discuss and get in touch.
Pixelfed: This is the fediverse handle to follow the Amman Valley MakerSpace on
Repair Cafe Wales website & schedule This is discussed here: Listing the repair day
Map: OpenStreetMap A short link to the makerspace on OpenStreetMap, see below.

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