Open Day Sun 11/12/22

The space is open to come along, get connected, work on projects and help out. If you cannot come today, check out our opening times. It is nice to know what you would like to do. So please click on Going!, comment if you have any questions or intentions that you would like to share! If you are coming for the first time: Welcome and here is how to reach us!

What we will probably to:

Please comment what you would like to do!

This Sunday we have Men2Men running the DIY day for women. They will need the Wood room most of the day and be putting shelves up around the building as their finale.

It shouldn’t affect us too much aside from not having full use of the wood room, but there are many other things we can get up to.

Since we are still recovering, I hope to be able to come. From my view it is uncertain but we improve.

Some things for us to do on Sunday outside of the wood room!

Clean up and refurbish spanner box
Organise loose tools in Fab container
Sew curtain for lathe tools cabinet
Disassemble table in Plastics container
Consume Tea
Middle room, move desk from under shelves to Radiator
Put all books/project folders on above shelves
Start organising store room
Measure up laser extractors for pipe

I seems that we will be coming - daughter + friend so they cooperate and my son who is recovering. Usually fine in the morning but needs a sleep later. I will see to that.

What we can do:

  • measure the bearrings for a scooter to replace them
  • glue a motor on a car
  • soldering: monster truck gears repair
  • talk about the thermo sensor
  • offer soldering a christmas tree
  • stick tape around the plug of the forum
  • projects for other kids also from the women’s wood work day
  • the question below

A question (pretext): A social tendency that I might have seen is that women are implicitely (without being asked) responsible for child care. To which extend this applies in this area, I do not know. Since this is rather rural and I have not met many feminists or a big LGBTQ scene here, it still applies to write this.
This tendency can mean that mothers are more likely to self-deny attence, if child-care is not mentioned on the advert. (Not that I do that very well myself) because it looks like just not for them.
I might remember but may not be accurate that having child care was one of the “demands” of women’s worker movements so that equal conditions can be had between men and women.

Seing that we

  • seem to implicitely use the room with toys
  • the wood workshop was discussed as a place not suitable for children under a certain age
  • everybody at men2men when I was there seemed rather normal and/or older than me

my question is: How was motherhood in the social context e.g. through child care addressed when designing the women’s wood workshop?

Why I ask:

  • I can ask without blaming I hope!
  • I know you and I think we can talk about more difficult social topics.
  • It affects me partially.
  • I’d like to use my white male middle class background to open a room to meet where others can not do so.
  • I put the toys&crafts there, work for child and family inclusion, invite to forum discussions and get a second hand short notice (very low in the theory participation) without a way to speak to the source of the workshop, I feel a bit sad because I would like to be able to support men2men and be in contact! So, I reach out again…

An anecdote from my life: our diverse group having won first prize in the EY escape room was invited for personal training, I asked about child care. They answered that they were only interested in students. Oops. I was a student! I did not go. That turned me off.