Open Day Sun 20/11/22

The space is open to come along, get connected, work on projects and help out. If you cannot come today, check out our opening times. It is nice to know what you would like to do. So please click on Going!, comment if you have any questions or intentions that you would like to share! If you are coming for the first time: Welcome and here is how to reach us!

What we will probably to:

Please comment what you would like to do!

What’s the hackspace issue, please? Just trying to work out what’s on offer, my son might be interested. Thank you!

Hi @EmNelson, thanks for answering. I added this link: Electronics & Micro-Controller Group on Sundays Since Alex is working on the Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller, I thought we can make this a regular thing where we meet and program, do some electronics, too.

There is lots to explore from the age 3 to adult. I am thinking about also doing this on that date: Electronics&Soldering course - Would you be interested?

The “hackspace” is a magazine with lots of projects in it. In this case, it features an article about the Raspberry Pi Pico W - which is what a participant uses and the use-cases might overlap.

I’m not sure we’ll come to this one. My son is interested in programming a bot for his Minecraft guild, so thats the kind of programming he’s trying to do. Although soldering and electronics looks interesting, so I will check with him. Thanks!

Some posts of what we did today:

The Christmas Fayre was quite successful! @zzoeross did an amazing job of engaging the children/families with the decorating of our ornaments and propping up my enfeebled corpse as my cold took hold.

We ran out of items shortly before the lights switch-on so it’s fair to say it was a hit. We engaged a few parents and children with woodworking too, with positive results!

It was also great to see some familiar faces as well as new ones, both in the Makerspace and at the Fayre. I look forward to seeing more of you at the space!

Lots of wooden decorations made by the children, glitter and snow everywhere! Some children had a go at the drill driver screwing the shape to the base, all enjoyed spreading sparkles around.