Possible Places to advertise events and the makerspace

I do not think that we are ready to do a lot of advertisement. The purpose of this is to gather all the different places where we can also advertise events and the space and go from there. If you know where else we can send posters, text, pictures, … Please comment!

Here is a start by me:

See also:

Visit Carmarthenshire

Ask for Lowri or let me know and I can make introductions.

For repair events: zenlan :coffefied:: "@niccokunzmann@toot.wales @ammanvms@pix.toot.wale…" - Mastodon 🐘

I am wondering about our events: #JoinMobilizon - Let’s take back control of our events If we post events there instead of the pixelfed platform, we can boost them from there, show our posters there, … . What do you think about this?

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