Poster Generator

In order to speed up the advertising process, I would like to be able to automatically generate posters from forum events. Please use the generator provided here:

Once you have filled in your poster, download the jpg file and post it over here so you can get supported in advertising the event:

Designing the Poster Generator

Example Posters that we made:

image image

Summary Requirements:

  • Varies:
    • Title
    • time & date
    • short description
    • what to bring/requirements like money
    • image
  • Same:
    • Location
    • Contact
    • Logo

Personally, I think, we can do prettier. If we have a proper template that lays it out nicely, we just have to fill the gaps. In my view. This is something that can be automated. What I would like to have is a website where I can enter the number of the topics or the links to these, choose the design and the posters come out, ready to print. This way, we do not loose time if an event gets announced but can just get the posters out for announcing them.


If you can choose from here, which ones would you choose? Have a look at the structure and

I like this one to put four events on:

This would be nice with a little footer of contacts to put three events on:

This has nice sections in which we can put pictures, location and more:

This one has different picture types in it. It might be a bit too complicated to make it really work for our events.

If we use this, we can have one side describing the makerspace and the other the event:

This requires too many pictures. It is probably not usable for some events - or do we not have a shortage of pictures?

A common poster design that is easy to apply will save time and increase visibility as people recognise the posters more easily.


  1. Input: Which design would you prefer? @zzoeross @DomAman
  2. Use the online generator to generate an example
  3. @niccokunzmann Create a template and load different values in it
  4. @niccokunzmann create a website where you can configure your poster

I think having auto generating posters etc… is a really good idea.

I would move ‘contact’ to requirements>varies. Although I expect I will be hosting a few, I’m hoping others will administer their own courses/clubs.

Looking at the pretty poster designs, do you think we will be able to get all the required information into them?

Attached is my latest course poster template.

Course poster template.docx (87.6 KB)

Any thoughts/feedback on this poster folks?


This is all nice to have. It serves a purpose and don’t be blocked by me feedback. You asked and here is an answer:

  • 17:30
  • a matter of inclusion for me: QR-Code always with human readable URL
  • The gray in the image is not part of our palette. It could be white, not introducing a new colour.
  • Then center and left alignment have any relationship to structure of the content, if “At the makerspace” is aligned left.
  • Do not mix fonts and font sizes. I recomment the Ubuntu font by the way! You can install it.
  • I like that the QR-code right aligns with the text. It is not aligned to the bottom.
  • What are the legal requirements for leaflets? Identification of person or something?
  • Choose a distance from the image and do not violate it. Writing is too close at its bottom.

Soft start and social evening work against each other partially: When people arrive new to the space, it is hard for them to get into contact with all other people if these are busy and have projects. If the focus is on together, then we start together or at least end together or have a break together. An on-the-fly intro does not yield the same connection fruit. If the focus is on projects, there is a higher hurdle to cooperate/socialize. So this needs consideration to balance both.

Without intention to offend or put people in boxes, being from the CCC/nerd/hacker scene: For nerds a project evening is a social evening. Not for non-nerds. The writing on the poster does not contradict my hunch that this pattern applies to the target audience. Everyone who is not a nerd may find a subtle tension here. That is why I voice it. #paradigm I might be wrong with this but it is good to talk about it.

Site note: I hear a judgement in my head from my parents: “Nobody speaks like that!”

For the poster template that we have: Nobody here is a designer [for posters]! If we want arts people, people who like beauty over functionality, we do not invite them with plain posters partitioned by text size without consideration for basic design rules. Could you answer which template you like?

Thanks Nicco, very thorough! I’ll answer the most pertinent:

  • Missing the separator marks it as 24-hour time rather than 12-hour. While not universal, it is widely taught in this country and is slowly becoming the international standard
  • Agreed, will add a URL. Is there a way to join without a direct invite?
  • It’s not grey, it’s off-white XD I’ll consider changing it, but it’s making reference to 50s diners/informality
  • Fonts and sizes can be mixed, the Graphic Designer rule of thumb is no more than three in one place. This is all Gill Sans, there are three sizes of it for emphasis/attention
  • Agreed on alignment/spacing, I have adjusted

I am flexible on how these sessions develop. However I don’t want people to feel like they need to rush here for a precise start time after a long week at work. I’m hoping to create a (non-boozy) pub atmosphere that is relaxed and insisting on participants being there for the whole session would be counter-productive.

Agreed on project lingo, have tweaked that to be more general.

With regards to attracting arty people, they don’t need to be our only target audience! :wink: And as you have said, hopefully doing something less than perfect will attract someone who can do it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the designs we came up with:

Here are the notes:

  • big font for eye catcher - description, buzz words, title

  • small font for description, conditions, time, space, contact, email, phone, link, address, post code, “Glanaman” because we want people to have a rough idea of how to find it

  • 1 picture

  • 2 logos

  • A4 size

  • QR-code

TODO: document color

So, I started working on a poster generator.


  • make it English (Chinese, I think, at the moment)
  • change layout to what we discussed
  • change fields that we need
  • ease printing

What I like about this solution is

  • png export (easy cross post to Telegram, Facebook, Forum, … )
  • live preview
  • qr code built in
  • text formatting with Markdown like in this forum

Requested Changes

  • PDF export with
  • different layouts - I will do the left one for now.
  • generate one long PDF with all pages to print in A4 and 2x A5 on one A4 paper
  • left align heading
  • add more pictures
  • url below qr code
  • cost as a point
  • name added in contact
  • map?
  • add a logo for the event series/men2men/…
  • save latest posters (to local storage or to github)
  • move the logos to the top and with the details into a right column
  • allow drag&drop of pictures
  • click on picture and open file dialog
  • hide qr code when no url is given
  • show full text, not just first line of text areas

So. There is progress. Have a look!
It seems we have a bit more space on the poster. Please try out to put one of your events in it, post a picture and write some feedback about how it works for you.

I went up to the office today to print. I suggest, I make it so the poster can be downloaded easily as a PDF and you have a link to it!

The PDF contains these pages:

  • 1x A4
  • 2x A5

It was hard to scale it down properly. I would like to make this easier:
Print page 1 X times and page 2 Y times.

I made it easier! When you download the PDF, it contains 3 pages on A4:

  • 1xA4 poster
  • 2xA5 poster
  • 4xA6 flyer

MakerSpace Event-14.pdf (1.3 MB)

Whoo hoo! I like it!
Now, I can send the PDF and say which page I want how many times.

12/12/22 - I added a link at the bottom of the PDF. If you click it, the poster generator opens with the text of the poster filled into the form fields.