Project Ideas for Lottery Grant

This is a little protocol from the 20th of September.

Lottery Projects

TODO: Link


  • ongoing project
  • up to 10.000 pounds
  • @david: Do something maintenance free - or we need to maintain it

Solar powered bus shelter with bee plants on top


Sensors for air quality

building sensors
putting up
mapping air quality in area

Poly Tunnel

  • early plamnts for the communty/counsel

  • lower tables

  • heating: once a plant gets frost, they are dead

  • double polytunnel

  • no seed germination! buy plants

@sylvia &

  • when and what
  • needs volunteers for each day!


  • Get Heather and more robust plants - this is a two-year project before they are presentable

  • Artistic planting concept

  • consider the butterflies

  • less to do for care takers

Different Stages:

  • early result plants (1 year)
  • permanent (2 year)
  • shrubs (2 year+)


  • knows how to plat moss on things
  • Camille

High level planters hanging

  • Get plants ready
  • bedding plants
  • needs heating or we are behind: June maximum to have plants
  • without heating: May first moment, June first badge of plants


  • Together with plants
  • sculptures on planters
  • Wood from the river
  • need attaching to planters or they get nicked
  • special nicking skulptures like the painted rocks with links to the project

TODO @zzoeross: drawings of scultures

Train Track Gallery

by @zzoeross

  • Surface:
    • can use the train track for gallery - the fence of it
  • TODO @zzoeross
    • create drawing
    • create structure


  • Ask Rob Parry: giving advice is brilliant
  • XXX
  • invite Jenn and anyone from the gardening club

Bio Gas

TODO: Link to post

CNC Club

Bird Boxes

This grant can be used to get material for

  • bird boxes
  • bat Boxes
  • bug hotels

For Air Quality monitoring we could consider LoRa as network system.

Yes, I think, these are ready made kits. They can work with ethernet and wifi - I think. LoRa should be possible, too.

The nice thing about LoRa is that it is cost free and doesn’t need wifi or phone network connection.