QR-Code and Labels - Label Printer Brother P-touch PT-P700

In order to have fast access for everyone who enters the makerspace to the knowledge about the machines, I propose a labeling system for the machines.


Each label should contain

  1. A short link to the forum post
  2. A QR-Code the the short link

Create a Label to a Machine

To create a short link to a machine.

  1. Copy the link. Here, you can see which parts are important:
    https://                                               - use for QR Code
            ammanvalley.foss.wales/t/                      - use for link
                                                        31 - use for link to topic
    So, https://ammanvalley.foss.wales/t/plugins-to-install/31/3 becomes ammanvalley.foss.wales/t/31
    Check the URL!
  2. Use the QR Code generator to create a QR code.
    1. Enter the URL
    2. Save the code
  3. In the P-touch Editor 5.4, open the label already made, named Documents\My Labels\machine-label-ammanvalley.foss.wales-t-31.lbx.
    1. add the text
    2. add the image, on the left, use Change Image
    3. Switch the label printer on.
    4. print

Now, a label like the one above should come out.

More Information

  • Where the tool is located
    This tools is located in the storage room where the laser cutter is.
  • Where to find documentation
    The computer has all the software on it.
  • Who is responsible to maintain it and to speak to if it breaks
  • Where all the different parts are.
    The computer has all the software on it.
  • Age limit and similar limits to using it.
  • Who can give an induction
    @niccokunzmann and it is safe to use by anyone.

We are almost out of the one label casette that is in there and I do not know where we have any.

@DomAman would it be possible to get labels for this one?

Currently, we are using black on white 12mm labels.
Here are possible ones to order (my search):

I am fine with the ones we have. Maybe you have plans for different labels in differen colors or size - I do not know. The QR-codes to the forum are readable on the 12mm ones.