Repair Day Sun 4/12/22

Let’s meet again and repair some tools, toys, clothes, electronics, machines.
We have this lovely space and we can help you, empower you to get loved things going again - at least have a conversation. Please comment if you come!

This might also happen at that day:

We had a pretty productive repair day today!

@niccokunzmann repaired switches on a vacuum cleaner and a television.

I helped a lady with a printer problem, she had two printers and neither would work. Got one working, the other one is to be disassembled for parts. Nicco and I enjoyed looking at the rather clever indexing system in the scanner.

I also sharpened some saws and shaped a handle better.

@zzoeross got an introduction to the plough plane and did very well with her first try on plywood.

We finished the main structure of the lathe accessory storage, it needs a rail and curtain or doors fitting to keep wood dust out.

It was also lovely to see Poh-Eng San again, she continued work on her table, stripping the tired finish to re-glue and re-apply.

Great to have @Davidj back from foreign parts and for him and @sylvia.hafan emptying and re-covering the Hovercraft and replacing the screws in the loo door!