Sand/Grit blasting cabinet

I would like to see a small blasting enclosure. This could be used to clean up metal parts and also to texture other materials. It would not need to be very big or fancy, really just a box on legs with a viewing window and a couple of attached gloves for the operator. A sloping floor with grit collection would be ideal as the sand/grit can usually be re-used a few times.

Where I live, we have some sanding equipment that we do not need any more. It is not the machine, just the hose and a container (I do not know the term). I can get photos.
Is that of interest?

Thanks Nicco,

That could very well be of interest. If you can get photos we can decide.



Here are the pictures, for the record. I do not know how to name the parts.
IMG_20220925_100456720 IMG_20220925_100504595