Scroll Saw (Katsu/Scheppach)

This saw can be used to cut wood boards in curved ways. It is located in the wood workshop room. The documentation can be found in the documentation box.


Checklist for induction:



  • Switch off when going away
  • do not cut too fast
  • do not bend to much
  • show where not to touch
  • how to regulate speed
  • how to cut round
  • how to cut straight
  • how to cut an edge
  • How to take the work piece out

Clean up

  • wood dust
  • spare materials
  • where to put it


Who Can Induct

Who Can Induct for Supervised Use

Who was inducted for unsupervised use

Who was inducted for supervised use

  • Nelda Heidler by Nicco Kunzmann



  • A checklist to go though when there is an induction going on.
  • Age limit and similar limits to using it.

There is a document pack in the black document pack hanger in the wood workshop. That might answer some questions.