Shop Vacuum Cleaner - attachable to a saw

I thought, I make a short intro to the vacuum cleaner in the wood workshop because it is a very useful thing to use and some details are not known about it that easily, especially if you are new.


We can assume that people know how to handle that? It does not seem dangerous to me.

Pictures below.

  • The bags of the cleaner are re-usable. If you are sure that there is only wood dust in them, you can empty them into the wood dust containers. If you are not sure. It is general waste.
  • There is a socket on the vacuum cleaner. You can attach this machine to different tools to suck the dust off and there is an adapter if the pipe does not fit. Attach the machine (e.g. chop saw) to the vacuum cleaner socket. The vacuum cleaner will turn on and off automatically when the saw is used, thus reducing noise and dust.

Here, you can see that the pipe from the vacuum cleaner is attached to the saw and the saw’s 230V power cable is plugged into the vacuum cleaner:


  • Where to find documentation
  • Who is responsible to maintain it and to speak to if it breaks
  • Age limit and similar limits to using it.