Soldering Workshop 5/3/23 1200

I offer a soldering workshop - no prior knowledge required! We have little projects ready and you can bring your own. It takes place from 12:00 - 15:00, 12th March. You can take what you made home. If you like to come back at a later date, this is encouraged: You might want to finish if you chose a big project or start another one.


Children can come if they come with and adult. If you can concentrate for at least half an hour, you should be good to participate. See also Children at the Makerspace.


7£ per project soldered is great. If you like to give 14£, to support us and those who cannot pay that much, this is great. If you cannot cover 7£, please come either way! We do these workshops not only to cover the cost but to fund the work in this space.


The facilities are accessible by wheel chair.

Soldering Electronics Introduction.pdf (1.4 MB)

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I am moving the soldering workshop to the 5th because I am not in at the 12th and we can combine it with repairing.