Soldering Workshop and Projects - Preparations

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We can have a soldering box that is ready to be used with little projects for anyone to do.
As a guide, there is this tutorial:


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We will need to add solder and flux, will need to upgrade the stands too as those will tip over.

I added 5 power bank adapters for this re-use project:

For documentation, here is another list of items to order:

TODO for the soldering workshop:

For making it ready:

  • check the boxes above for material
  • wait for the pump to appear - beginners make mistakes, that should not cost us the project or time
  • for each of our little soldering projects: get as much description and tutorial as possible to do it right

To make it happen:

  • find date
  • advertise
  • print more tutorials when it is clear how many attend

I think, we can run a soldering workshop now. I will create a poster then. For now, I would like to ask when you can attend. Please vote!

When do you have time for the soldering workshop?
  • 2023-02-12T13:00:00Z - 16:00
  • 2023-02-19T13:00:00Z - 16:00
  • 2023-02-26T13:00:00Z - 16:00
  • 2023-03-05T13:00:00Z - 16:00

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This includes:

  • basics of electricity
  • how to solder
  • you can choose a project, we have several
  • you can continue on a later date

This is how I asked for it on paper:
Soldering Workshop for Beginners.pdf (1.5 MB)