The "Really Fun Thread" (aka. Legislation, Policy and Research)

Hi All,

Creating this thread to see who would like to find out more about the key local, regional and national drivers that led to the establishment of the MakerSpace by Cwmaman Town Council.

These include, in the first instance, the following items that are all interrelated:

• The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015
• Carmarthenshire Wellbeing Plan
• Social Care Wellbeing Act
• Cwmaman Wellbeing Plan

I can easily cover the core aspects of these, and how thry relate to the MakerSpace/maker movement, in an hour or so online via Teams/Zoom etc.

The aims would be to;

  • establish a good understanding of the above,
  • connect the above to pretty much anything being done/likely to be done within the MakerSpace,
  • explain how meeting requirements under the above strengthens funding and partnership proposals.

If anyone has concerns over these being dry/boring pieces of legislation… please don’t. If anything you will see just how good a MakerSpace is as a method of doing good things in a community :blush::ok_hand:

Let me know below if you’re interested and the best days/times for you… and we’ll see what we can arrange :grin::+1:

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Here’s a schedule poll to make organising easier :grin::+1:

Please mark your availability for:
MakerSpace Research Sharing - Session 1

Hi @RobV, thanks for posting! I am interested and I think, this is worth recording. I added myself as maybe as I am not in the makerspace at these days and dependent in the goodwill of the Tipi Valley Internet or I am in but constrained by time and getting a lift.

PS: Polls are also possible on this platform