Tor Project Contribution

I have been running a Tor Hidden Service for ssh access to the makerspace Raspberry Pi and the forum server since I set them up. This allows me to connect to them in case the domain name is not renewed or the firewall has issues.

Today, I read about the snowflake project which allows us to help give people in Iran (there seems to be some revolution happening) and in Russia access to the open Internet.

So, I set that up on my Raspberry Pi at home and on the server we have in the makerspace.
I am wondering if I should configure these as a bridge, too. Not now, maybe. If someone likes to know more about the Tor Project, you can ask me.

More to read:

Installation on a Raspberry Pi using Docker

  1. Install docker. Install Docker Engine on Ubuntu | Docker Documentation
  2. Install docker compose. Install the Compose plugin | Docker Documentation
  3. Download and run the snowflake proxy. Tor Project | Standalone Snowflake proxy