Update Sync to Facebook

I get that many people are using facebook and we have two groups there. I had a look at the Facebook API and it would be possible to choose a source of pictures and post it to facebook.

We have these possible sources:

We have these possible places where we want updates:

My proposal would be that we create an easy way of posting updates of a certain form and bring these to the places where we would like to see them.

Possible Implementation

If the forum is the source, this will happen:

  1. You create a post on the forum
  2. You add a picture to the post
  3. You tag the post with pix.toot.wales or facebook
  4. The post is sent to ammanvms on pix.toot.wales and/or the facebook groups with the text of the first paragraph and a link to the forum and the pictures
  5. A bot creates an answer: Hi, I posted this to ... with a link


  • What are your thoughts on this?
  • Do you prefer pixelfed or the forum as a source?
  • @zzoeross - you mentioned you like updates. What are your thoughts on this?