Vinyl cutters: CAMM-1 Roland PNC 1000A, PNC 960, PC-50

I am trying to get the Vinyl cutters to run. There are three of them, different models.
As software, I am trying to use InkCut.

Our machines:

  • Roland PNC-1000A - supported by InkCut
  • Roland PNC-960
  • Roland PC-50


All of them have a parallel and a serial input. I could not get it to work with the parallel input, so I am trying the serial one.

Here is the forum entry for InkCut:

The current status is that I get two cables (faster shipping) that can be used on these machines as well as on the small CNC machines that are standing around.

Pages to look at:

The cables have arrived!

To install inkcut follow

Then, for Linux/Ubuntu do this

How it should look:

Device driver:

Setup Process:

Interesting to look at:

At the moment: I tried what I could - the cables are there. None of the devices react in any way to the computer sending something to them.
It would be nice to have a handbook that actually says what the commands are, so I can try it manually.

I am taking them to the Swansea Hackspace tomorrow to see if we can do anything with them. I would be ok with them staying there in case the person is not there but it looks like they want to work on them. They have a newer vinyl cutter running.

They are back. Melissa could not get them to respond either. They are in the storage for now. It is more a hobby project for tinkering!

My Proposal:

  • give it away
  • see if someone takes responsibility