Website Ideas - Makerspace website

I talked to @RobV about the website and he will have a meeting about it.

Important to note:

  • The council wants to have a representation and has some limits to what it wants people to do on the website
  • The fund for the website is for community - the current use and the intention might diverge - structurally I call this a conflict.
  • The makerspace wants rapid change and experimentation at least for the start, also low threshold for newcomers to be included in design and content - if we want to achieve constant empowerment in that area.
  • @DomAman and I talked about live-streaming machines running automatically

Content to show for the makerspace website:

Also relevant:

@niccokunzmann I don’t think there is any limitations on makerspace use of the website and shouldn’t be any conflict.
May be worth you liaising with Jayne or Louise to outline how you would wish to see the site developed.


Hi Dai, that is great to hear! I think, I would just like to have an account and go ahead - it should not take too long. It is very basic stuff. Then, I can show others how to embed their content. I like to work fast and almost perfect.

I would like to get in touch with them. The get-in-touch path that we used before did not yield us getting into contact. I can visit on a Friday, a Sunday or a Tuesday. I can write an e-mail, call a phone. I do not know what to do though!

I think, since we did not get access in the past months, that there is some internal restructuring happening and wondering how change-averse the content management is. But I have no clue! I hope to be in contact soon but I do not know how.

Hi Nicco

As the other staff are not members of this group, I will pass a copy of this trail to them both and ask that they arrange to speak to you in due course.

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