[WIP] Arduino Workshop

I can run a workshop to introduce into programming arduinos. I post this here, so that we can organize


  • make a poster @DomAman made one
  • get material down from the community center
  • make a list of what we have
  • make a list of what we need
  • order parts
  • find a date
  • fill details into the poster
  • install Arduino on computers

Davidj and I are running up to the Centre on Tuesday to grab all the stuff we still have up there. We’ll see if we can’t find an inventory for what there already is. Failing that, we’ll go through it!

I am happy to look through it and sort it in, too. Not blocking you,
just saying there is willingness.

If you are happy to sort it I am more than happy to hand that over to you! :slight_smile:

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This has just reminded me, do you want to create a thread for the Electronics workshop on Sundays? I can share it next time I promote it on Socials.

Yes, you can do that.