[WIP] Bike Electricity Generator

On Monday, we were working on a bike to create electricity. Here are some pictures.


  • wood planks from pallets
  • bike
  • belt
  • generator
  • screws


  • saw
  • electric screw driver
  • multimeter
  • cable
  • 12V lamp

Pictures of the Process

Help for Generator

What we need help with is wiring the generator. It is a generator from a car (Ford) and it is not generating electricity without having a battery. I do not know how to do that, yet. If anyone knows how to progress on that, it is quite useful knowledge as it can be used for water power, wind power and alike.

That’s a fantastic idea that would be really good to get working, I wonder how much power that could create, I would have thought the parts would be easy to get

I would love to support this idea this could be the start of getting us out of a power crisis, of course in a small way


Greg and I talked and we will probably proceed after Christmas to work on it.
The next step is to find out how to wire a car generator so that it generates electricity. It is not a dynamo. @Davidj seems to have more insight into this than I have - I only used electro-motion with magnets. Videos or the car mechanic who visited once may also help, if @DomAman remembers how to contact him and he is interested.

Concerning the energy crisis, I can talk about my systemic/spiritual perspective if I am asked. Burning food through muscles won’t help us, coming together and energy awareness are small steps!